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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Those RELIGION vs EVOLUTION comments... Really...

I_KNOW_WHOM_TO_CLONE ( 02/14/2005, 17:11:10 )

How did you find this site? Using Google or...(?) What were you seeking for? What were the keywords?About your spelling: (quote) "This is not necisarilly about cloning..." "buy the way you need to learn how to spell!!!)" ^ ThE IrOnY!...I don't care. This is not a grammar school, spelling is not the point here. I made a simmilar remark to 1000yrsfromnow - but I said it just by-the-way in context of his hippy stile - like "peace j.c." at the and of most of his messages (I thought it is wierd because this is not some hippy site, something or other...).Soul=Brain (matter) - explanationI don't see your point - the truth is alwas dreadfull!... I thought people either don't think about it, either they accept it apriori and live with it. E.g. of truth (dreadfull as it is): when person dies they burry him/her, and then all sorts of larvi and worms feast on that (ex)person's brain and go around it's skul until they scrap-off the last pieces of it's meat of of it's skul with their fangs and clutches. Dreadfull, but: truth (and you cannot do a thing about it (except being burried on the south pole... or burn...))Quote: "What are we supposed to be doing??? What is the meaning of life???"It's what you decide, and the random dice of the thing called desteny. If you do nothing then nothing will happen to your life - thus: there is no meaning but what you create for yourself. We aren't supposed to do anything, there's no plan there's no "built-in meaning" for us. You think that you have a soul - yet you were born without a single thing in your mind; latter you were programmed to understand things... We are all hardware, biological mechanisms - machines... We only chose to be good because it is logical... Philosophy... It sounds so strange when you try to define those usual things...Moral is science. It defines facts of human nature and logic.What's your first language?Religion raised from superstition - a natural fear of unknown or hidden things that lurk around the caves and bushes our ancesstors lived in so long ago.spirit=brain (matter)Reincarnation - a fairy tail... So nice, so meaningfull, so false...(There is one heaven - here on Earth; there is one hell - here on Earth. Chose now. When you die - it doesn't matter any more.)READ ALL MY POSTS...

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