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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Those RELIGION vs EVOLUTION comments... Really...

I_KNOW_WHOM_TO_CLONE ( 12/07/2004, 16:25:39 )

I really do not know how brains of these people who deny science facts funcion... I mean - don't you people have some basic education, some common sense about all sorts of things, some logic...I really don't know what this sort of people want on these forums...Theory of evolution... Well I didn't explore the exact phylosophy behind it, but - using logic and a little bit of common sense it seems very clear what it SHOULD be about: let's not talk about animals - FIRST HAND: let's talk about humans - the most obvious diferences: color of the skin and hair! It is obvious that we are all the same specie (we can reproduce among ourselves giving offspring that can reproduce too) but there are differences in our appearance. Now(!) - because it is obvious that we are all one specie it is in same manner obvious that we had spread DIFFERENT(!) versions of that one UNIFORM(!) specie (that existed long ago). What happened(?) - we diverged(!) - and that's what evolution means. Little by little species change their appearance depending on conditions they live in. Or look at the pigeons - different color of feathers (like they are completely diferent species) but they can reproduce among themselves which means they became from O_N_E uniform-looking specie (and that's a proof of evolution)...I really don't know what else you want for proof... small differences add themselves upon each other thorough time, and thus: different species are created (e.g. humans and today's monkeys)....You know what(!) - I think this is either a PROVOCATION (which is most probable because I refuse to believe that people are so stupid that they would really mean what they are saying) or paranoia of religious people - because they think that science is something that's against religion, and that it strifes to defeat religin and banish it - which is not true!(those two have nothing to do with eachother) ...Because science deals with facts, and (on the other hand) religion deals with stories and mythes which weren't primarely ment to discover the truth, but (something completely different and not connected: ) to unite different people into one whole using ideas of idealistic, wonderfull, majestic world where EVERY SINGLE THING has it's meaning and purpose. (but that, my friend, simply isn't the fact in this truly chaotic world we're living in, else - religion wouldn't exists because then it wouldn't have the purpose for its existance - and that is: to make us strife (in the past milenia!) toward meaningfullness of human kind (so people wouldn't end-up killing each other for small (or: no) reason(s))).Today, (in a way) certain aspects of religion EVOLVED into science...Religion is an atempt to (by all means (which includes LIE!)) superimpose serious laws among hordes of savage, stupid, animalistic humans, using thir built-in instincts of fear and supertition as their weaknesses to accept these made-up ideas. Seeing that, it's enough to get the idea that main purpose of religion is not THE TRUTH. Religion is not given from "The God", it was invented and written down by human beings that eat, drink, sleap, pee and sh** like everibody else. They were born like we were - the man's old faitfull went-off in the woman's cave, a spermatozoid entered the ovum, and 9 months latter they were each born thorough simple common hairy woman's vagina.In other words religion is nothing more than INVENTION of imagination of the people (Name, Surname) listed in the subtitles of the great big movie called "The Book of Faith".In other words - there is no God, morons. It's just a concept to methaphorically embody facts of N_A_T_U_R_E thorough warped truth.I can't uderstand that you are SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING(!?!) what (e.g.) Bible or Kur'an says...Nevertheless: RELIGION WILL ALWAYS BE NEEDED(!!!), RELIGION WILL ALWAYS BE NEEDED(!!!), RELIGION WILL ALWAYS BE NEEDED(!!!), because there were, there are, and there always will be people who are poor or lazy or savage or not-interested or not-educated, or simply - stupid enogugh in order not to be able to understand real facts of nature, science tries to deal with. They will always seek simple explanations which would make them confident in themselves and the world they're living in... Look: - we are all on some great-big ball made of cracked stone so heavy that the force called 'gravity' is storng enough to keep us from getting apart from it and float away ('gravity' - which is one of the characteristics of items in the Universe with property of 'mass'). We are all some futile life forms viggleing stuck on its surface, and if all of us were to be exinct by something big enogh it wouldn't mean a thing in this wastness of the Universe (that's just a fact, nothing more, exclude your oppinion about my oppinion - there are no oppinions, just a clean, pure old FACT). We are all made of matter, there is no soul - only brain, and brain decomposes with the rest of our body when we die - just a plain old matter (chemical elements, and nothing more), and that's a fact too (nothing more, nothing less).In conclusion: the only thing about creating clones is making a special law about them, and beacause there is no such thing as God, there is nothing else that stands in our way. Moral - now that's the other thing, but using human moral standards those laws will be created. One of the laws regarding cloning should be that genes of persons of the same sex could not be mixed to create a new being, because that is homosexualism, and homosexualism is a form of physical, mental or psyhical illness caused by defect in gland functioning, genom, or psyhical traumas/conditions that make human mind function improperly.

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