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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: same viewpoint?

I_KNOW_WHOM_TO_CLONE ( 03/25/2005, 13:37:37 )

Quote: "I believe it is a TOTAL threat because if we clone humans we are only causing more people to have no chance of living."So is a propaganda that superimposes that it's important for people (of some group, entity) to have many children (for some reason or other IF transpired at all), also deeds in relation with such propaganda. You have an example with Kosovo: Some data points to an aproximatization that in 1945. there were about 53.8 % Alb., and 46.2% Serbs in Kosovo; five decades latter number of Albanians grew 500%, from 350,000 to almost 2,000,000! 1961. - 646,605 Albanians (67.1% of entire population of Kosovo); 1971. - 916,168 (73.7%), 1981. - 1,226,736 Albanians (77.48%), 1991. - 1,407,690 (78.2%)... (incoming emigrants included) The greatest rate recorded in Europe! That's unnatural!! What happend - you ask? It has been told that the president of Yugoslavia wasn't Serb, but Croat, and he offered to be a godfather to every 10th born Albanian child in Kosovo or something like that, which presumed some gifts and other benefits. Because of extremely low life standards (high quantity - low quality) social tencions emerged which created the intended crisis (some sort of malice against Serbs that was to enable the destruction of federation in the first place, or something like that). My point: you see - cloning is not the only way to create humans just to take-up space. So - what's your point?And by adopting a child you actualy do not acomplish a purpose of raising a child at all - continuing your genetical tree.Clones would have souls as much as we do...Biological mother and father are givers of life, not God. God didn't say a thing because he does not (fact) exist. There is no intentional reason in universal logic. You can chose this or you can choose that - it all depends on us, humans; and the random factor (the laws of probability).

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