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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: same viewpoint?

eternalwater7k ( 03/14/2005, 17:59:07 )

I believe it is a TOTAL threat because if we clone humans we are only causing more people to have no chance of living. There are BILLIONS of people, poor, homeless, or live in a Country where kids and parents run half naked, with no shoes and live in cardboard box homes. This is sad and horrid. Just adding to that by cloning would be poor and crude. IF you want a child, have sex. If you don't, or can't have a child, then adopt a child dangit! ADOPT A CHILD! THERE are SOOO many children in orphanages today that need loving parents who will care and tend to their needs, and if you had a miscarriage or cannot be pregnant, then just ADOPT a child. Also, clones will have NO spirits, or souls. Only God is the giver of life, through the sacred rites of SEX! Sex is both pleasurable and the right thing to do..if under marital walls, it is something that adds meaning to life along with God. Reproduction and pleasure at the same time, what a blast ya? God said He would give life through sex, not cloning.. along with this it is just trying to be all cool, we humans think were so smart, but compare us to the mind of God and were solid electric-dust idiotic morons!Well this is my reason, so peace b to jaja all! -7K

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