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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: same viewpoint?

I_KNOW_WHOM_TO_CLONE ( 03/14/2005, 17:04:39 )

Hmm... Also one more idea crossed my mind...In process of trying to make cloning possible and rellyable many human embryones and fetuses are killed (in experiments) - they stop functioning. That seems like literaly: killing a human being. Then - if killing a human embryo or fetus is OK (in a lab), someone might get an idea that there is no difference between killing a fetus in experiment, and killing a fetus inside a mothers womb, then - if there is nothing to killing a fetus - there is nothing to killing a baby, because baby=developed fetus, and that's horrible. Further more - if it is OK to do that then it is OK to kill a child, and finally - it's OK to kill a grown human (and obviously it's not like that!).But, it can be corrected if the right phylosophy (logic) is applied. It is known that embryos are not considered live human beings. Human being is alive only when a hart forms and begin functioning. Who knows how much human embryos (or zigots at least) began their development in sewers when ovums incidently come in contact with spermatozoids - so - it is no problem to destroy an embryo as long as it's outside of mothers womb (no question about it); but there are cases when mother agrees to destroy an embryo inside her (abortion) - and it happens as we speak.Suffering means: that electric impulses travel thorough the nerves from any receptors, and are being interpreted by brain as uncormfotable fellings (pain). If a living human organism doesn't physicaly have such ability - then there's no suffering... Maybe that fact can be used in laws about cloning (and experiments involving human material).But what to do with lifeless fetus? Throw it into garbage? - That's not moral - that's monstruous... Burry it? Put it in a jar? ...Delicate moral question...Maybe the best way to deal with this is to declare that clone is not a human being. (which implyes that there must be a strict definition of a human being) One of human defining properties: Human being is random in it's characteristics (it's features are generated by random processes inside genoms), clone's features are not random - thus: clone is not a human being. Special term must be invented for human clone then (e.g. ...I don't know... humlon (HUMan cLONe), or some completely new term). So, some laws for humans nor moral for human beings doesn't entirely apply to human clones (for example : until the birth (e.i. detachment from another organism/machine)). We defend our integrity as humane beings in case of relieving of life a clone that is not born yet by saying - it is not a human - we didn't kill it - there it is: that human is safe and sound (the original human - the original owner of that DNA) - no harm done. ...But never the less... ...

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