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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: same viewpoint?

I_KNOW_WHOM_TO_CLONE ( 03/14/2005, 16:02:48 )

Oooo, you're doing a paper... Like: "I've sit down by a computer, connected to the Internet, typed Google, and searched for about a minute, I've found some forum where people speak about this stuff - they will excrament a load of blah-blah-blah - never mind: I pass the test... just copy and print - voila!"...Is that correct?.. ... ...Never mind...Why don't you use Google to find specifically what you are looking for - let me help you: search for "cloning is bad because", or "side of cloning is", or something like that...Besides... I mean... - you have a mind of your own. Why don't you figure out some of the things on your own? For example: imagine a time when cloning is a common thing - no laws, no boundaries - nothing; now imagine what possibilities would be then, and try to think of some of the bad ones...To clone is to make another living organism that is geneticaly IDENTICAL to the one from which you took DNA. ONLY THAT is cloning (how to make one existing cell alone to develope into a whole new being)! Other things are somehing different - like: 1.) the delicate case of cloning - the human cloning, or 2.) the question of making all conditions needed for development of that new creature (as far as I know the only way available now is using woman capable to give birth (the common way) - because: to feed the growing being (clone) you have to have all the resources, hormones, minneral matter, vitamines, oxygen (etc) all in the right quantities, and for that you have to have an entire organism attached to a clone (like with the normal pragnancy) - but who knows(?) - technology is advancing, maybe some day some machine will be able to do all of that); 3.) the question of making a clone grow fast (from baby to a fully grown man in a short period of time) - which is hardly possible... Maybe a sintetic growth hormone(s) from hypophyse, but I don't think it's that simple... 4.) Transfering "data" from the original to the clone (which is absolutelly impossible because brain is one hell of a knotty yarn without an output interface)... etc.)Now - what would be bad regarding human cloning?... Well... (as I said imagine that time...) Somehow the "saintity" of human life would be in question... There would be duplicates of people. It sort-of wouldn't matter wheither someone exists (lives) or not, because they can make a copy of him/her any time they wish. Some person wouldn't be as much admired for his/her capabilities or properties, because you could have dozens, scores of exact same themS in notime - so what's the big deal... you know - who cares... human beings could become entirely expendable. Further more - those who are clones wouldn't consider them selves as valuable as normal human beings (or maybe they would imagine themselves as the ones with higher value and purpose); they would certenly have a tendency to unite in their common fate, to keep in contact; maybe even to do things against normal humans... Also - if human cloning becomes common, countries could have entire armies consisting of exact same men (perfect specimen), who would be only numerised. They wouldn't have family - no mother or father or sister or brother, they wouldn't have a name (only number) - no one to cry if they die - they would be 'nothing' - worthless beings serving only to the army's cause - it wouldn't matter if hundreds, thousands or even more of them die (never mind they are basicaly humans)... Of course - evrything depends on circumstances, but one thing is for sure: if clones realise they are clones they would be dissapointed (no full individuality - just another copy).Opposition of VERY MOST people against cloning is driven not by facts of cloning, but their ignorance; not by their fear from cloning, but from their instinctive fear of unknown. I don't know... Ask them why... (I know that there are people so stupid that they claim that tribes from New Zealand should have been extinct because of their agresive culture, and something to do with them "not being the "children of Christ"" or something... (which is an idiotical oppinion; but we must accept that there are idiots in this world (else there wouldn't be a word for it) - unable to go much further from their bad dogma... maybe because of some trauma, so they have a need to stick to something to hold them in place))...As you see - I'm trying REALLY HARD to think of some reasons against cloning, but none of them are quite conclusive (all of them are dependant on circumstances). Basically human cloning is a good thing (no question about it), a progress of human kind (that's why you can't tell some really bad thing about it) - laws (about it) are those which are in question here, not human cloning itself... I vote for cloning, but nevertheless I can imagine what can be bad about it (if people are not carefull enough)...Nuclear energy can be used for destruction, but let's not forget that our Sun is actually just one huge nuclear reactor and without it - there is no life, and if we (humans) somehow "set sail" to colonise planets in other solar systems (for some reason or other...), or simply to go to explore Space, nuclear energy is unavoidable - you must plan to use it (light from Sun becomes weak as you go away from it; by the time you get to Pluton you are an old ice-cube)... (...or you can use antimatter as a fuel?.. - but that way you annihilate it entirely, so: no recycling...).Of course - religious people would tell you that cloning is bad because of something that seems to be in context with "God", but as we know, religion is based on pure belief (never mind anything else), not truth (same way you can chose to believe most ridiculous things of any kind...).We are just biological organisms swarming-up the planet chaotically. Only 'moral values' are logical, and should (must) be respected - to prevent human beings from suffering (that's all to it). That is the delicate qustion, and it evolves all the time (thorough laws)... Actually - you can formulate your entire text of your homework in that single question: "Every thing about cloning that causes human suffering is a bad thing about cloning, no matter what."...

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