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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: The Negative Side of Anything?

AimmiA ( 03/28/2005, 21:15:27 )

Ok how can you possibly compare a computer to a life? How can you be 100% sure that cloning won't cause devastating results? Look at us now, scientits created nuclear bombs for defence and government uses them for power. Ok so thats good, you can feel invinsible with nukes...but look what is happening with the world and radiation now. First of all we are causing our selves to evolve, humans are much taler now that they were lets say two generation ago. I bet that cancer didn't exist all the time, radiation caused it to occur in living things. Geneticaly modified foods really have an inpact on humans. Look how overwheight people are becoming, its causing them to have a lot of problems with their health. Also humans are producing many plastic containers that we use for food. Well those containers contain styrene which isn't very good for our health. But humans have been ignorant of that and manufacturing companies say that styrene does'nt contaminate biological materials aka food. Well thats a bunch of lies. There we're surveys preformed on humans where they tested their body fat tissues and found in them styrene. (it is also known it causes lung cancer in animals) All these facts really prove that cloning cannot be perfect. Trully we all want to be perfect and that is why so many crazy things are out there such as plastic operations and breats implants...(well take a good look at Michael Jakson) those who have the strongest desire to be perfect push it to the limit where there are some devistating results. Also what if they make a clone, and when the baby is born its deformed and doesn't look human at all? Will the scientists kill it? What if it will turn out to have human feelings and thoughts? We already messed with nature too much, and I trully think that if scientists start cloning people then the whole world would break appart cloned vs. pure. And if any might think thats not going to happen, well people around the world haven't dealt with racism and discrimination yet so brining clones into the world is just an addition to those topics. Not everyone will accept clones in the world.

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