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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: The Negative Side of Anything?

SC ( 02/17/2005, 16:46:49 )

Dixon is a professional fearmonger. I suppose he would write horror fiction like Stephen King if he could, but he makes his money the best way he can. He claimed at one point, for instance, that the world is running out of oxygen, which has been known to be untrue for years, and which he probably knows to be untrue as well.These aren't reasoned arguments you're presenting. They're based on pure hysteria, and they're not anti-cloning arguments because they could be extended to anything. For instance, I could say the same things you're saying about cloning about computers. They're expensive, they might not work, they make us all look the same, they can destroy (or be used to destroy) our identities, people can become prejudiced against them, they could be dangerous in the wrong hands, they're against God and evolution, and so on. Yet people don't go into a frenzy over them like they do with cloning. People do get annoyed with them regularly, but overall, they seem to think that we're better off with them than without them. In fact, without computers, we wouldn't be having this discussion.The same is even more true of cloning. Every cell in our bodies is a copy, a clone of a preexisting cell. We can't live without cloning. Our bodies have to reproduce themselves, recreate themselves, and heal themselves, on a continuous basis, or we die. That's always been true. The technologies being worked on now are just aimed at making the process work better.Cloning doesn't create any problems that didn't exist before (it's always been apart of natural selection because every species uses it to heal and/or propagate, and cloning doesn't create slavery or prejudice, for instance; people can always find some way to be prejudiced against others if they want to). If Michael Jackson wants to have surgery to look like Diana Ross, he can do it without cloning. Just because he can, though, doesn't mean everyone else will follow his example.

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