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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

The Negative Side of Cloning

Chaos1928 ( 02/16/2005, 19:53:44 )

Now I will agree that cloning does have its benefits, and I am by no means taking any sides in the argument, but with all of the beneficial talk on I think that we should also look at the negative sides of cloning:1.Most of cloning results in failure. Dolly the sheep took an extremely high number of tries before success, and even when it was successful, the sheep died very young. Not to say that we cannot improve cloning, but right now it has a high rate of unsuccessful attempts.2.Mutation of genes. This is a very risky technique. Many clones age rapidly and have respitory/circulatory problems. It takes a long time to determine whether or not there are no problems. Clones also can turn out to be disfigured.3. Cloning is a very expensive technique. There are other ways to solve many of the medical benefits that cloning is also attempting to solve that are cheaper.4. Confusion and mistreatment of clones. Imagine how it would be to know that you are a copy of another human being. This technology could destroy one's identity. If it were used in plastic and cosmedic surgeries, imagine how many people would look the same. Also, these clones can be killed as embryo's if the process does not go perfectly.5. This is a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. This technology can be used to enhance genes, raise possible slaves, and much more.6. This goes against religion and evolution. Everyone hears about how cloning defies religion, but this also defies evolution. For those who are for clones and science, you must realize that by duplicating the same DNA multiple times, this destroys Darwin's theory of Natural Selection. For those who are not aware of Natural Selection, it states that the animal who is best adapted to its habitat will survive and pass on its traits. It goes into much more detail than this, but i will not explain it now.

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