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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Why cloning isn't wrong (Even if God exists)

nefretiri ( 03/29/2005, 17:59:33 )

i do in fact agree with some of what you say although a ceasarian section could not be wrong because the parent and/or the child could die if they were ment to. if someone is going to get hit by a car would it be wrong to save them? no, of course not just the contrary it is considered to be a crime not to act on behalf of the victim in order to attempt to save their life. and in the case of homosexuals you are right that it is not natural and they are not wrong and in a "religous" argument what they are doing is wrong not the people themselves. but you are wrong in the case that IVF babies have no soul because it is possible for this procedure to not work time after time and it is by Gods will that it would work or not. and twins dont have "half a soul" if that would be possible they are each different individuals and their genetic make up is not EXACTLY the same. but in the case of cloning it does not have a soul because it is merely a genetic duplicate of its parent and the only reason for the difference is that the brain is not the same because the experiences are not the same. and if you measure the soul in terms of the brain then the clone would, but since the soul is spiritual it does not have a soul because only God can place the soul and therefore it is not playing God.

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