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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Bible and Science

nefretiri ( 03/29/2005, 15:12:13 )

u r obviously confused. in order to know that it is not contradictory u have to understand it. we, humans, ourselves are contradictory. we say we love people and hate someone else. well of course, some people we like some people are just dumb and we don't like them. the same with God. we are made in his image therefore how we are so is he. he is a God of peace and love, but he is also a warrior full of wrath. he fights against those who are against him and his children, the Jews. and he is also called "the father" and just as a father loves and "punishes" his children he does the same. so no its contraditory it is only to those who don't TRULY understand.

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