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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

God does exist!!

gpag10 ( 03/30/2005, 10:33:40 )

if you dorks that dont believe in God havent read the Bible, then your missin out. cause thats where you get the evidence. if the bible waznt true, well think about it. why would just anyone write a big nonsense story? there are no cliches in the bible, its all smooth. if the people that dont believe think that people were just created by like to atoms coming together, then ask yourself, where did the atoms come from? they cant just hoodeedoo over to each other and come together. anyway, how would the first human survive? they dont know the surroundings, or what's edible or not, and how did the animals get named? how would the first human know how to talk when there is no mommy there to be a mentor? you guys that dont believe in God are just wack.

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