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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

dear, 1000yrsfromnow

teenagemillionaire420 ( 04/02/2005, 15:14:29 )

there are voices of ELDERS who seem to do no more then damn us to our childish ways for many households: WISDOM NO LONGER COMES WITH AGE! so where is that voice from nowhere that burning bush? that passing dove? i hear generals calling for ammunition. voices of presidents calling for arms, voices of women calling for help but where is that voice from nowhere? that God of abraham? those crying rocks can be heard over the gunfire, the whizz of passing missles the crash of buildings the cries of children the crack of bones the shriek of sirens? or is that his mighty voice? your angry god craving the sacrifice of a virgin generation's son degenerate... your holy books: written in red ink on burning sands(branded into necks, whipped into backs,forced inside of vaginas and anuses,crammed into mouths, rubbed into open sores) male god? well they do call it (HIS)tory but i believe that if there is a god its a women; for your greastest love comes froms your mothermater:fr.latin.meaing mother this is a MATERIAL WORLD dear 1000yrs the end is near (...) the beginning

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