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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Cloning is once in a life time opportunity...

shruthi_jean_x ( 04/03/2005, 03:30:24 )

If people are being given an opportunity to learn ,study & work on the creation of GOD...then they must consider it as an honour.When people fear & run away from this reality..they are running away from the truth.Since we ourselves create identical twins some times..although we are not aware of the same way...while coning..we are creating an identical twin..& there too..chances..are minimum...because cloning dosen't work always...we have lost so many times.So instead..of feeling that a clone will be lke a freak in if created,we could treat him as an identical twin.After all it is upto : ..."Man to ignore & rebel against cloning..or accept the truth..which will be revealing itself in the near future. " (Thank you. for reading this)

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