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Illegal Beings: Human Clones


Godsgirl ( 04/06/2005, 20:38:29 )

Ok im going to begin I very strongly disagree because I am a firm Christian believer and iI believe that there is a God and that that God id the one and only God. Go outside and look around how do you thing that this world came to be. If you believe in the big bang theory well here how my big bang theory works. GOD spoke and BANG it happened. You may disagree but as I live my life everyday I can see small things that God does for me. Im not saying that there is only small things there are large things he does to but everyday when I do my Bible study and i read my Bible i learn somethig new and God reveals something new to me. For example I was reading the other day and He showed me that if I give I can get back a whole lot more. When I do small things that I would be unwilling to do then great things come back in return for me. In the Bible it tells of Christ crusifiction and how he arose the third day. It also tells of how one day He will return to this earth again and all those that are saved by His presious grace will go to Heaven with Him. It tells of how trumpts wil sound and all the dead shall rise. I believe that that day is coming really soon and im going to be one of those people that goes up to Heaven with Him. Now i dont know you and what you believe but by what I can see is not in God that you believe and I think that if you want you can be one of those people who goes to Heaven if you choose. If you want I can tell you how but if not then I can only pray for you.

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