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Illegal Beings: Human Clones


kyorl_dosst_rath ( 03/29/2005, 14:14:12 )

Basically I believe in all gods and higher beings whether they have a "logical" explanation or not, just because you can't explain it or see it doesn't mean it does not exist. Sure you view could be true, gods of any kind could be nothing but a fairy tale - a desperate hope created by man to believe that we are never alone - but then,wasn't science created by man? So who is to say that science knows everything? If we are the creators of the 'god' concept then who is to say that this one is any better? I do know one thing though, science isn't always correct i have seen many things that has defied the laws of science and any other force known to man and whether it be an act of god, ghosts or imagination science certainly doesn't explain it. To toss away the idea of a god though is foolish, faith is something we all need - whether you believe in a god or refuse one and put all faith in yourself it still remains a factor and nothing can change that. You believe in yourself, your morals and experiences shaping who you are. But then.. if there is not a god and you believe in the planet forming from space dust, the big bang theory, evolution.. where did that matter come from ? where did the first planet come form, where did the life organisms that evolved into single cell beings and then through the years into to us come from? If we are fortunate, we will never find out - fore if it were not for the mysteries in this world nothing would be worth it. Would you so readily wake up in the morning if you knew what exactly was going to happen - every detail? If you knew it was the day you were going to die, if you knew that your life would be turned around by the death of another? If you had no choice in the matter? No, you wouldn't and if you would have it that way you are out of your mind. Life is made of choices and with every choice we make, even one as small as what to drink, we add a link to the ever growing chain of our lives - that drink may even cause someone to die, someone you don't even know, and will never know. It's a world based on mysteries that makes life what it is, the adventure of finding questions, questions that don't have always answers.

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