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I_KNOW_WHOM_TO_CLONE ( 02/22/2005, 11:15:35 )

Q: If god doesn't exist as you say then why are you talking about him as if he does.... A: Where did I speak as if he exists? I don't get your point. In order for anyone to discuss anything, he must (of course) mention it, elsehow we wouldn't know what a hell we are talking about... The concept is INVENTED - we put it to the test because even if we talk of the concept as it's correct, it doesn't actually mean that it really is. Simple (so it really doesn't matter if I'm "talking about him as if he does" exist, or not; what matters is the point of the talk, and you're trying to miss one).Q: Do you think time exists? I mean it doesn't occupy a certain space but i bet you ask what time it is!? A: Actually (as a matter of fact) I spoke here about time too. And I've said that there is no time, but only things moving (a very coplex dispersed kind of movement (find my text about it))... When you ask "What time is it?" you get an answer (for example) that it's "15:14:51" - but: is it really that time, or the clock you're looking at is sligtly wrong (or way-off the real time), further more - let's imagine that your clock is Completely correct - there are 24 time zones on Earth, actually as you move west or east aross the Earth's surface your time differs slightly; further more we (humans) only divided a period between two zenits into 24 parts (beacause it's practical) - but someone else could divide it by some other number (same thing with minutes and seconds); further more - what is a number 24 (written by deffinition) - it represent that quantity of objects only in decimal number system (the base is 10 so you have 10 digits: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) - who knows why (maybe because we have 10 fingers on our hands, but why would anyone define a number system by that fact? it's not necesser...), you certenly heard of BINARY number system (only: 0 and 1 - every digit's position in some concrete number (e.g. 100) is not 10 times grater than the previous one (e.g. hundred (decimal)), but TWO times greater than the previous one, so number 100 is actually 4 when translated to decimal (it represents the quantity of: ****) - and it does the job so perfectly that we use it in our technology (e.g. every letter I wrote here has a unique ASCII code which is translated into binary form and stored on some hard-drive who-knows-where, so you can recall it any time you want), my point: in some other number system you won't get a round number when you divide for example: 24 by 6, so they wouldn't divide a day into 24 parts (hours); furthermore: the way numbers are written are also invented - some dude came, picked up a stick and wrote on the sand saying "this is how quantity of **** things look like" (4); same thing with letters - we invented it all - we, humans. Who says that the concept called "human" should be written as H,U,M,A,N - that's why you have different languages, and different versions of languages... What do you think? That those humans who invented it all waited for some "God" to tell them what to do?!? That way we'll never achive all the things of our civilisations! They invented it! They simply sit down and imagined things. Try it! Make your own graphical symbols (letters) for different voices you can produce. Everything is random. (e.g. Arabs write from right toward left...) And speaking of time - there are night and day only because places on Earth revolve toward and away from Sun, if it revolved faster or if Earth was smaller, the day would be shorter, and vice versa (and there are different planets - mind you, it's just a coincidence that all of the factors added upon eachother so life became (random chemical gamble) here on Earth - certenly there are planets (somewhere overthere) which have all but one condition, or two or they don't have conditions at all (most of them don't, cause they are just a sea of deadly chemicals, or simply deserts)). Also - imagine that there is a human who has significantly faster reflexes (some neural disorder, or I-don't-know): for him the period of one hour would seem like for example four hours - if his reflexes are aproximately four times greater then at normal humans. There is no "time" in sense we percieve, only things move from one place to another.Q: (the wind doesn't occupy a certain space either.) A: Actually, it does. If there are no gases then there is no wind (exchange of gas from zone with higher gas pressure to the zone with lower gas presure (usualy because of temperature diferences (things expand on heat and shrink on cold))). Gas (e.g. air) occupies some space - you can squeze it to occupy less space (because there is some space between molecules) to the some point, and then you can't do it further more (or nuclear reaction happens?).Q: If you haven't noticed science is always cathing up to what god has already done.. Take for example, Adam and Eve he made Adam but he also made Eve using Adam.. Sound familar.. like Cloning? A: Adam and Eve?!?!??!??!?!! Do you think? Maybe their names were Dick and Mary, or Spiridon and Manoyla, or Gargamel and Schtrumffeta. It all depended on the dude who invented that story. Wanna proof? Even the name of "our lord" Jesus Christ is not said correct, what was the original name of that dude? E.g. Greeks say: Ysus Hristos. (who's right then?) Ha, ha, ha... And, imagine all that times when you eventually prayed to the (actually) wrong guy... "Hello? Is this the number of Our Lord Jesus Christ?" "No, sorry, wrong number." Or posting letters to some wrong name... You accepted those things only because certain people formulated them that way, if they, by any chance, formulated it deifferently - you would be trying to convince me in some other story as it is the truth.

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