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urallconfused ( 02/28/2005, 11:17:24 )

hey all.... Whoever reads this is probably because you are confused.... Yes you are trying to find a reason to many things that are happening in society and in the world today.. this is a ten year old telling you this... I am currently doing a research paper on a controversial topic because my teacher suggested it... Look here is the deal... Whether God exists or not to you... you have to realize what you are doing... what are you tyring to do wih your life??? the entire world(except for hitler)is set on oral principles... the purpose for ypur exixtence are three... Here to know ,to love, and to serve... Who you know love and serve... that is your decision.. thoink about it... the only reason to what you do in life is because you are looking to make yourself happy... have you ever wonderedwhat makes you happy??? To some people, it might be killing other peope, to others it might be deivering other people ... and to some other people it might be.?.?.? you decide... anyway ... might pont is that there is a theory that states that ine verything that one does they are trying to be happy... you are tryin to please yourself by figuring this out or maybe you just gave up... there are three king of people that never make it in this world... one of them is the "afraid"... admit it if you have given up on being happy, what are you trying to prove??? give it up... The most desgracesd person in this wolrd is that one who knows good froom bad and yet decides to avoid good... and not nessesarily evil... so this is my invitation to you now... figure out where you are in life... Try questioning and answering one more time... Really!!!! - a person who was confused at once too...

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