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Illegal Beings: Human Clones


kyorl_dosst_rath ( 03/29/2005, 14:49:46 )

Basically the whole concept of "god" isn't' that he controls everything - it's that he leaves the choices up to you. You make the choices that effect your life and when you have nothing to fall back on he will still be there. Whether or not you believe in him or any other god figure doesn't mean you should disrespect other's views, they're entitled to have and speak it and you are responsible to take it into consideration. What about Egypt? They had many gods and I doubt that their view was so superior to any other. There are many religions whether based on god, animals, nature, or other faiths and they all have good reasoning behind them. I'm not a religious person but to question someone's religion is a serious thing. You talk about instincts as if they shape everything we do - but if someone questioned those instincts then who's to say that the thought wouldn't rewrite everything else, even the very first beings found a way to communicate whether it was screaming, making faces or otherwise -and just because we can't find a way to understand it doesn't mean they didn't.The People left in Malaysia are not crying to god for why it happened, they are praying for hope. Hope that when their families, home and everything they knew is now gone that their god will not abandon them. That they have the strength to go on and keep living and maybe find some small comforting glimpse of what life once was. Praying that where ever their family is they can return to them and if they can't or they are gone from this world, that they are in good hands. Then maybe, just maybe when enough help and enough hope is generated they can rebuild what once was and maybe even better. Faith is not putting your life in another's hands but knowing that when all is lost you have somewhere to turn and you may just find some comfort. It's the will to live on for them, that even though they are alone they are not forgotten.

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