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Illegal Beings: Human Clones


I_KNOW_WHOM_TO_CLONE ( 02/09/2005, 12:36:02 )

Answer: chemistry.Answer: what a hell do you think I was explaining thus far?!?! Look at my posts - there are all explanations (I noticed that this forum has a strange way of handleing posts - the earlier ones are brouken-off this one and put on some other page).Answer: only to us (humans) things matter (like kindness or all emotions). If Earth is destroyed completely it wouldn't mean a thing in this Univese. Build a big enough bomb, and blow of half of the Earth killing everything on the other side too - it still doesn't matter in this Unierse. There is no God to stop you, only other humans. If you decide right now you just might exit your house, go somewhere where they don't know you and start killing people (worse: it happens) - just like that (the only thing for you to consider regarding that is wheither you want to destroy your life (doing that), or not! because you want to be on the side of good). I guess doing that would leave scars on your personality, and you will lose respect for yourself seeing that you are a bad person (but that's all to it)... the thing is: you want to have a beautifull life, you don't want wories, you want to be clean and truthfull, you want to expirience good things - not bad thing (you want to use your only life the best way possible). ...Look how easy it is to make a weap. of m. dstrction - electrolysis: you just use hole in the ground inlay it with massive concrete (or use many of already existing), inlay it with anything that would stop a gas leak, fill it with enough watter, put electric cables in it, seal it good, and - voila: electrolysis separates hydrogen from oxygen in watter, pressure builds-up inside, and after a while you have thousands and thousands of liters of highly exposive gas ready to go-off (e.g. under some town)! My point: you see how life is fragile, and how some really bad things can happen so easily - the will of single person is enough and nothing can stop him (providing that he/she is carefull and cold-blooded enough (which is quite possible when you think bout it)). Imagine some mad totaly coc-coo crazy scientist deciding that he'll make some kind of undetectible chemical that makes a human being irreversibly infertile after a while; he spread's it all around and noone can stop him, because no damage is viewable - he calmly goes from place to place whistleing, moving completely unnoticed - nothing unusuall about him - all major cities, all populations of some country; after a while people figure-out that they can't have any children! All, - absolutely entire population practically wiped-out. People get old and die, and no future generations are born. The chemical responsible is long gone, only effects are viewable. And - what's worse: he finaly leaves that country like anyone else while scientist "start to investigate this unusual phenomena", he meets his wife and children (consieved years before) in some other country, and lives happily ever after.Look what happened with Malasia... All those people - wiped-out in an instant (and those left pray(?!?) like it will do some good, and they wonder "Why, o' why, did "the God" let it happen?" - kind of pathetic - like they really think it has something to do with "God"). Maybe it's possible to cause such impact via underground explosion of a nuclear war-head - or just to make an earthquake - and say that it's a natural disaster... Why did they make nuclear tests in Pacific? What did they try to figure-out? I rack my brain out, but I can't make any good answer. Those weapons can be safely destroyed in some other way.And look... how can you talk about God in context of humans at all. If you take some children (say 100 of them - male and female) to some great-big island, and you let them be there without any of the things from civilisation(s) - no language, no materials, no tools, no clothes, no knowledge nor ideas - nothing(!) - just live them some food for start so they could know what to seek afterwards - they WILL be like animals (completely) - those who survive. They will eat and drink and fight like animals, they will reproduce like animals and populate that island (carefully chosen with just right conditions, isolated from the rest of the world). They would be just like monkeys - hairy naked savage monkeys who can't understand eachother so they scream at eachother and make faces. Where is "God" in there? They are just like flies in a jar. They live, they reproduce, they die. There you'll see what I'm talking about - instincts - animal instincts (human being is an animal (at the base)). There you would see the true sincere first-hand nature of humans without prejudices nor anything else - just being HUMAN - the pure extrat of what is in the core of our nature.

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