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a round of ?'s to Astro

1000yrsfromnow ( 08/30/2005, 15:11:02 )

must be you missed my last message on board responding to one of yours? i have a theory i believe is a possibility, regarding to humans, as once being ASEXUAL beings and through stem cell manipulation/application and possbile cloning technique some place in our past, that the theory of creation was a cover up. possible that we have come full circle in bio-technology, that we may have had this technology someplace in our distant past. actually there are a host of logical possibilities to our origins, which could very well be reality. i have become disillusioned with the theories of creation and evolution in their current popular definitions and context. would you be interested in more of my theories? your mind intrigues me a lot, plus the fact you are pro stem cell/cloning which i am also. my personal email address is, peace friend j.c.

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