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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: God Does Exist - pathetic!

I_KNOW_WHOM_TO_CLONE ( 02/09/2005, 10:32:28 )

Now, if I was to begin reasoning with you I would say: have you ever seen a brain of some of us humans? If the human (with opened skul) is still alive you could damage his/her brain, and when you turn him/her back on, you'll see that the soul of the person in question is damaged (depending on what part of the brain MATTER you strucked). When any of us humans die, on the other hand, the brain is destroyed completely - thus: all person's soul is destroyed completely - anihilated (it doesn't exist anymore in any sense). It rottens-of, or burns-off, or it is damaged by crystals of ice when freezed enough, or it dries, or whatever. We are machines, like those we use, and when something's beyond repair on us, we go to garbage. Simple. So where does story about heaven and God and pixies and fairies and little tiny marshmellows with tiny little legs and arms who show after dark to run around your feet and bring happines to your apendix fit in?And guess what - it doesn't matter what you believe at all(!) (- for only $99.99), or even wheither you believe or not - it's all the same! This is the ONLY life we live (function). There were thousands and thousands of generations before you, and there will (most probably) be much more generations after you. You (like I or anyone else) are just a bucket of thoghts which swirl around and mix until served to earth-worms, and there's not much to do about it. It relly does not matter what you think (see yourself on a picture from spy satelite in orbit - that's what you are - just a tiny little dot that crawls here an there, like an ant on a ground - and it doesnt matter even wheither you have a mind of your own, or you are a primitive organism like insect - because you're so little and tiny that even if you could speak nothing can hear you, and even if you could be heard - it's a question wheither it understands your language, and you go into your holes and caves and tunnels and you come out of them and you carry something and then you stand still - what you are to your-self is just to you - noone else). You're just a tiny dot in the line of all your ancestors and those after you (if any). Do yourself a favour - get in touch with rallity.There is no some other dimension or some other time. There is no time in that scalar sense, so you could pick any number on the line and go from there (things only move around and that's a complex process so some constants add upon eachother - that simple to understand). There is no some other dimension. Nothing is limitless - look at the speed of light - it's constant, and everything else goes under that constant, because matter in chemical and nuclear reactions use that constant to interact, and every other movement (e.g. like movement of some rock in space) or force is set by it - basicaly.

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