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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: God Does Exist

Bleudrgn2010 ( 02/04/2005, 18:33:38 )

I agree. There need not be space for something to exist. As long is it IS somewhere, it exists. Because we do not know if there is another place beyond, or more complex than space (heaven) in which things do exist. If any human could come back from the dead and prove to the world there was a heaven (not that I doubt there isn't at all) anything and everything in heaven would exist, like I said before. And yes, God is highly complex, if you know the bible, you would know that God could surpass any meaning of our vocabulary. You are basing this on what our words mean. Well - we only base our words on what we're able to identify what the word can mean. So - anything and everything in heaven exists. If you can't prove heaven does not exist, then you can't prove God does not exist. Because heaven is real, and God is there, meaning if thre was complete proof in which would make every person on earth believe in heaven, everything in heaven would exist!!!

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