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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: god does exist

I_KNOW_WHOM_TO_CLONE ( 01/06/2005, 12:16:14 )

Quote: "god does exist because if he didn't how did we get here"We got here thanks to two laws that work together: 1.) Laws directly or indirectly regarding chemistry 2.) Laws of coincidence(or - shortly (because chemistry is apriori)): WE ARE HERE BECAUSE OF PURE COINCIDENCE)First read my posts (there is relatively not much of them) - then send an answer/question (if you read what I wrote here before, you would have seen that I already explained this, even with few examples). One of examples you can't deny nor put aside: YOU (yourself - the way you look) are a coincidence - every spermatozoid and every ovum produce different combination when fused together - there are bilions of spermatosoids - tell me why did that exact spermatozoid entered that exact ovum (at that exact time) and thus you (what you call "I") was consieved? Coincidence! Also - what is that which you call "I" - different chemical elements from the food you ate ever since you were a baby (and before that when you recieved nutritions from the blood of your mother who also acquired it from the food she ate). Those chemical elements (molecules they make) are buildig blocks of your body - and they replace themselves! 70% of human body is water, and it also replaces itself constantly - which means that at least 70% of what you call "I" is replaced in a relatively short period! My point: never mind wheather you think you are a coincience or not - it is not important because you even can't define yourself physicaly, and evrything is physical - there is no soul - only brain (a hugely complex logical mechanism - but nevertheless: physical) - it rottens-off with the rest of the body when we die.There can only be halucination about the afterlife (among other halucinations) - thing that happens because of different supstances entering your brain so it dissfunctions (like with drugs), or when your brain leaks oxygen or has it more then needed.NOT BEING ABLE TO EXPLAIN THINGS IS NOT THE REASON TO THINK THAT THERE IS NOT AN EXPLANATION. (else we would remain in caves, eating raw flesh)Read my posts, I don't intend to repeat myself.Quote: "as some people live and don't believe in god you will be going to hell."Believing in God (and existance of some "supreme will") brought me where I am today - my life is 'hell' because of my believing in God. There is no "supreme will" - everything is a concidence, you must take action (take your chances) or things simply won't happen.Hell does not exist. It's just a colorfull methaporic representation for "the bad life" (what I live, bearing in mind that there are people living much greater hell).Quote: "but when you die I'm sure you'll be tryin to call on god"When I die I won't be able to call at all - I would be permanently disconeced - the same way you'll be ragardless of wheather you believe in mumbo-jumbo or not. The first thing that turns-off when you die will be your brain (e.i. your soul) because it can't live a second without oxygen (that's why people get braindamaged when they start drowning, but they barely survive afterall). Consciencesness mechanism is a physical part of the brain - that part is the synonim for soul. Once scientist isolate it from the rest of the physical parts of brain (with different functions) they WILL call it "SOUL". So - basicaly you could literaly disect somebody's soul.Human being is fragile. Brain can be crippled - part by part... That's a fact - nothing less, nothing more. Amnesia, loss of functions, etc. When you get old, your brain becomes unefficient... you change constantly... My point: you can't define your personality (your soul) as whole (e.i. as a unit that cannot be dissmantled) - it consists of a number of very very vulnerable parts that aren't strict in definition nor constitution (not abstract nor material). It's enough that you have a common influenza and you'll see what I mean - you can't think clearly, you feel hopeless, because you cant affect your body - you must wait to be cured (biological defencive mechanism of your body), you feel strange things in your brain (I noticed one really strange: when you close your eyes when you are sick you have a vision of something fleshy rotating in your mind - like if you would tie a piece of meat on a thick rope and spin it...). Haven't you seen your x-ray picture - that's what you are inside - we are all walking skeletons, wrapped in meat and covered with skin. You can't affect your body, we are not in full controle of it - try to (let's propose something simple here) - say - stop your hair grow by simply thinking about it - it's imposible! We are all vulnerable - you can't just think: "I am indestructible" or "I am immortal" in order for it to be the truth. (or "I have a soul", or "there is a God", or "there are heaven and hell" - those are just things invented by us (humans) to make us feel better and selfconfident, to make us better to eachother too)Also look at your history, look at your life - you'll see that things you got to know changed your person (e.g. growing-up, getting to know about sex...). My point: what you call your person is not strict - it's random (it only depends on whither you would come onto location to accept different informations or not).You can't define yourself - we are all Earth (dispersed on it), and not even Earth can be defined because particles from space (dust, meteors) enter it and chanege its constitution daily. What constituted us (some matter) now constitute maybe some plant, or some animal ate that plant so now it constitutes that animal, or some other human ate that animal so it now makes-up him/her, or it's up in the clouds (water that once constituted us)...Go buy yourself a reason...

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