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Illegal Beings: Human Clones


I_KNOW_WHOM_TO_CLONE ( 12/27/2004, 14:16:34 )

Ok, now, enough empty talking. This is a science forum, so let's talk science, and not loosing our time with religionists. God exists only in our imagination, and in our imagination everything is possible! So let's settle this once and for all, and move on!I wouldn't dream do this, but they made me do it (religionists) with thei mumbo-jumbo.First - let's understand eachother - concept of "God" will always be needed in different sorts of society issues (no question about it), BUT - let's leave religion out of place where it is not needed - the science! OK!?Second - let's understand eachother that question of MORAL (human values, human logic, human sensitivity) regarding this delicate question of cloning, is something else, and that it shouldn't be confused with religion in any way!... Human moral exists, and it must be obeyed, but not in relation with religion.NOW THIS! Only because you asked for it!PROOF THAT GOD DOES NOT EXIST:Existing means: actually being in some space, occupying some exact space coordinates, settleing upon certain space (else you do not exist by definition). Everything that exist is somewhere, not nowhere; and being "somewhere" implyes "location" - e.i. existance of something that is "space". Therefore: if God exists, first there must be Space; then: if there has to be Space first, God didn't create it because he didn't exist to create it - because to create something first you yourself must be (exist); Further more it means that at least one thing must exist before God is to be created, and because there is nothing else than "Space" it means that only Space can produce "God" (that is: IF he is to be created). If Space could create complex thing as a "God", why couldn't it create simplyer things such as matter, an everything that we can se existing... So: there is no purpose of the concept of God. Space bears logic in all of it's tiniest pieces, there is no need for unitar logic. There is no GOd.

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