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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Disease Prevention and Treatment
She wants to have a clone
Dear Human Cloning Foundation:

I am writing to you to let you know my interest in having a clone baby.

First, I have to tell you that I am in excellent physical and mental shape. I am [in the late twenties] ... with no children and single, never been married. I have type ... blood; ... currently weighing 106 lbs; I work out at a gym and take very good care of myself. I have brown hair and eyes and am very attractive.

You can check out my web pages by ... and typing my name ... to know some more about me. I am a very fertile woman but do not have money to adopt a child or to pay for sperm donation. Cloning is the only way I can conceive a child.

I would make a great mother. I come from a good family and have my own set of values and education. Currently, I am working towards a bachelor's degree at .... My anthropology teacher told me that cloning can also combine my DNA and either a woman or man's DNA together and produce a viable offspring. I am healthy enough to conceive two children under cloning and have many interests into how to exactly clone my child.

Please take my consideration seriously. I hope that you take me as a volunteer. Honestly, I will never be a mother any other way.


Anonymous (name witheld by request)

Note: Personal information was removed from this essay at this woman's request. People are still afraid to say that they are pro-cloning. Is this really America? In addition, information was sent about other ways to have a baby. This web page was created July 17, 1998.