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Pro-Human Cloning Essay by Tony C.

Picture a young lady dressed in business clothes such as a skirt and a sport jacket, walking down the street on a cold winter morning. She stops in front of an office building and fumbles for her key in her purse, only to find that the door is open. She says to herself, ďWell, maybe he got here early today.Ē and walks in. Behind a desk sits an Einstein look-alike. This look-alike is actually a clone with the original Einsteinís brainpower and all. The only noticeable difference is that the clone was brought up today, so he has knowledge of todayís problems and can help us tremendously. That is what cloning a human is all about.

Cloning can not only be used to better the country; it can also be used to better personal lives. Imagine a young boy about ten or eleven, just starting his life. He will die without a bone marrow transplant, and his parents canít find a donor. Well, with cloning, the doctors would not have to look for a donor or in the meantime be worried what he/she will say. Next imagine a young teenager, about sixteen or seventeen years old who has cancer. The cancer has spread to almost all of his/her major organs, the lungs, the heart, the liver, both the kidneys, and even the brain. Then imagine if the doctors could completely replace all of his/her cancerous organs with brand new, non-infected organs that might even be stronger or more able to cope with todayís diseases. Then imagine it was your sibling, or child, or your good friend. What would you say about human cloning then?

Human cloning will open so many new doors for us it is unbelievable! Ever since we, as humans, made the first clothes, spoke the first language, wrote the first letters or numbers, or made tools for hunting we have been advancing ourselves in the technological world. Just think about the things that human cloning could bring. It would give some people a second chance at a normal life, people who had birth defects or who got injured or disabled early in life. Cloning could also ďbring backĒ a baby or infant that died before it actually had a chance to live this wonderful life. Some people might be thinking that is wrong, but donít you think itís up to the parents or the people themselves to decide their own fate?

Some people say that it would be like playing God, or that we would be messing with destiny. Well, for those who think like that, if you truly believe in destiny then no matter what happens, it is supposed to happen, and that is our destiny. As for playing God, some think that our world is like an old clock and God just set the time, wound us up, and just stood back to watch. These are some of the most common complaints about human cloning. Well, people need to give it a chance, and more than likely something good will come out of it. Another argument is that we have no right making or destroying Godís creature, but what about hunting? Itís not just for food anymore. Then there are simple little insects that are killed because they bug us.

Some of you will say that humans are supreme beings compared to all the rest of the animals. Well, humans can kill other humans and in the right circumstances almost nobody thinks twice about whether that is playing god. Humans can abort a child, and people hardly ever say that is playing god. However when someone comes up with a procedure that could save lives like injecting cloned heart cells into a damaged heart thus saving millions from heart attacks, there is criticism. Cloning could also be used to clone blood cells and then injecting them into someone who has AIDS or HIV, thus making it harder for the disease to take over the body.

People are scared of change, and due to that we have a tendency to say no to things, even when we donít really understand what could come out of it. We donít even know a lot about it, but we sure act like we do when we say no. Human cloning would do a lot more for us than it would do otherwise. Humans donít like thing that which they donít understand, so automatically they say itís not right and when asked why, some say it could be used to clone villains from the past. Well in answer to that, most people act certain ways due to personality, and personality canít be cloned. When a human being is cloned, itís the DNA that is extracted and duplicated in another human being. Personalities and actions are formed through past experiences; therefore one can clone someone, but that person will most likely not be anything like the original. As for having clones used as slaves, or made just to do work such as in the movie Multiplicity, a clone will have the same rights and privileges as a normal human being. After all, a clone wonít be made of plastic, it will be a real person, raised and born.

Tony wrote the following essay for his science class. He is a sophomore in high school. 1/9/99

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