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Scarlet fever prevents baby, please help me to have a genetically related baby by Val

This essay is written from my heart. I was unable to have children all my life due to my mother having scarlet fever while I was developing inside her womb, I was told at the young age of 14 that I was unable to have children due to the intense scaring on my own reproductive organs while my mother carried me with such a great fever. As far as I know the only real damage was to my fallopian tubes.

I have considered adopting from any world source possible, i.e.: Romanian etc., but those markets want between 17 and 20 thousand dollars! I don't have that to spend! It would take all the money to adopt and then I would have no money left over to actually raise the child. Trying to adopt an American child is even harder and more expensive.

My husband is a very gentle and kind man but he is learning impaired and also has a few minor physical defects like stumped toes, which kept him out of the military, which we would not care to pass on to a baby even if I could ever conceive normally.

My only other option would be to become inseminated, again at an ungodly cost with very little guarantee the pregnancy would take. I have a friend that has been inseminated several times with no luck and now she is financially broke and has to stop trying.

I could try to get impregnated with several eggs at once but I view the problem with fetal reduction as basically senseless murder, if I were to conceive more than my body could take. Birthing a "litter" of 6 or more babies at once would financially destroy me and my health. I would definitely be grateful to carry a single or twin clones!

So, cloning in my opinion would be a god-send. God gave mankind the knowledge to do such miracles, and as long as there are fertility doctors that are doing "reductions" on multiple births, I see nothing darker or more evil than that.

I do see the fact that my baby would be a duplicate of me, but its mental development during growth would keep it different enough to make it the perfect choice for me and for my husband. I know several real regular birth parents that have children that look exactly like them, sort of a natural type clone already.

My last remark in this essay is a plea:

If there are any researchers in Texas that want to conduct cloning experiments in the open or even secretly behind closed doors, please please please email me! I am 39 in good health but can't pay much unless its on an extended payment plan. But as you can see, my age is beginning to become a factor and I do not have any chance for a regular conceived god-sent baby. I can only hope to find someone's hand guided by the knowledge god gave them.

Transportation would be difficult, so the closest researcher can be to San Antonio, Texas the better. I would also be more than willing to sign any secrecy or malpractice disclosure paperwork! Researchers only may email me at, Please no flame mail, but if you have kind words please send them along.

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