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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Disease Prevention and Treatment

Hope for Cure

by M. Regan

I, too, was at first against cloning as I didn't like the idea of playing God. However, ten years ago I developed endolymphatic hydrops which is an auto-immune disease of the middle ear. Since then I've lost my hearing, developed balance problems and dizziness and there is no cure.

As such I had to give up my job which I loved; but worse was yet to come. I began getting bad headaches, blurred vision and pressure in my brain. I was then diagnosed with Arnold Chari malformation. I've since had neurosurgery twice. It's helped but not cured the problem.

Also i have osteoarthritis of the cervical spine which likewise cannot be cured.

So, to stem cell research, cloning and dna manipulation, I say bring it on so people who, like me and in other cases worse off than me, would benefit from it. I don't want to live forever and become a superhuman through this technology. However, I believe I, and so do others, deserve a better quality of life.

Might I add that healthy people who are against cloning would no doubt change their minds if placed in my position or in other people's positions who see the great need of this technology.