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  • Infertile People Have Rights Too! by Linda Rader
  • Killing Embryos by Linda Rader
  • Hope for cure by M. Regan
    (Ed's note: This one is more of a letter to the editor, but is placed here to show the hope that cloning has for many people.)

  • Written by the Human Cloning Foundation

  • A critique of CNN's "The Clone Rangers"
  • The first cloned human embryo
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  • Is cloning the meaning of life?

    Published by the Human Cloning Foundation

  • Cloning Humans is Beneficial by Tae. Hoon H.
  • Walter Payton, Cloning, and Transplants; and My Kidneys by Shauna Carroll Anderson
  • Do Not Ban Cloning by Kenny H.
  • In Support of the Argument for Human Cloning by John Greeney
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  • Death, the Final Frontier by Charles Dunn
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  • Revolted by Bioethicists by Hank H.
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  • The Human Cloning Question: To Do, or Not to DO by Miguel Hernandez IV
  • Cloning Earth's Life by José F. Jaramillo Vásquez
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