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Burned over 90 percent of his body

As a child, Mike was burned over 90 percent of his body.  He's disgusted by the anti-cloning mania that may prevent cloning technology from being used to help him.  He says:

". . . with all the years of abuse I have sustained from society, in combination with the countless surgeries I have had to endure, I find myself unsatisfied with the results and refuse to continue with primitive plastic surgery.  It's time for the new technology to prevail.  Even if I'm not able to benefit from human cloning I would like to save another human being from the tragedy I have endured."
-- Mike (BREAKBONIC@prodigy.net)
It's quite possible that human cloning technology will lead to the cloning of skin that can used for burn victims.  Instead of harvesting skin from one part of the body and putting it over a burn site, stretching the skin to its limits, brand new skin could be used.  Indeed, in the future even elective cosmetic surgery such as face lifts may be done with cloned skin.

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